We know that a great product starts with using great ingredients. We spare no expense in sourcing our coffees and teas from the finest growing regions on the planet.

Simply put, if we don’t believe what we produce is of the highest quality and tastes great we won’t sell it. We are fanatically selective of the products we offer and proud of the service we provide.

When everything around us seems to be moving and changing at the speed of light it is nice to depend on a few constants. Two of those precious constants are a cup of richly roasted, high quality coffee and the other is a refreshing great tasting glass of ice cold tea.

All of our employees are highly trained in every aspect of our business from sourcing, roasting, grinding, packaging, selling and distributing our custom coffees and teas to market.

  • We don’t do anything just because others do it a certain way. We do it our way.
  • We don’t cut corners. We will not ship anything that’s not an excellent product we can be proud of on behalf of our loyal customers.
  • We consider our employees family and we treat them that way. We have very little turnover. Most of our employees have been with us a long, long time. They are very good at what they do and they all take great pride in their work.
  • Our employees are scattered across the five states we service so they can live where they work. We truly are a “local” company.
  • We know we are in business because of our loyal customers and we never take that for granted.
  • We have set the “Bar of Excellence” high and we motivate each other every day to never let it be lowered or accept anything less.
  • God has blessed our company and our goal every day is to perform to the best of our ability as humble, grateful servants in honor of Him, our customers and each other.