The South lives and breathes its timeless traditions. After serving the loyal coffee and tea lovers in the Southeast for 60 years Hill & Brooks Coffee and Tea Company is easily recognized as one of those traditions. The Hill & Brooks Coffee and Tea Company family and their great tasting products have become a staple in the patchwork fabric of our sweet Southern culture.

Hands down, the most important part of our formula is our people. From our growers to our order fulfillment teams, our people are experts at what they do. Their unique perspectives on the science and art of sourcing, crafting, and delivering the highest quality cup of coffee are a large part of what defines our great taste.

Our coffee beans are rigorously scrutinized throughout their journey from their homeland around the world to when you finally enjoy them for yourself as a hot cup of wonderful tasting coffee. How rigorous is the trip to America and Hill & Brooks Coffee and Tea Company for the coffee bean?

  • It starts at harvest time in their country of origin insuring only beans that qualify are selected (SHP meaning selectively hand-picked).
  • Those Selectively Hand Picked beans are then shipped to our Specialty Coffee Procurement Team in the United States. They take samples of those beans from that specific “lot” and test them for quality and cup them mandating an exceptional taste.
  • Samples of that exact “lot” or “group” of beans are then sent to our quality control team in Mobile, Alabama for an extensive observation by sight, smell, size and other equipment testing looking for any impurities or imperfections.
  • If they pass inspection by our Quality Control and Roaster Team in Mobile, Alabama, we then approve the order of that same “lot” of beans to be shipped to us.
  • Upon their arrival to Hill & Brooks Coffee and Tea Company, that same lot of beans goes through a rigorous set of cuppings (sample tastings) once more before we roast and package the beans here at our Mobile, Alabama roasting plant.

Our batch roasts of 600lbs each are then checked at several stages during the roasting process to ensure consistent heating, coloring, and moisture content. Once the beans are cooled, the beans receive special test grinds and again are cupped to ensure the roast was successful.

Taste is subjective- it’s no secret. However, decades of industry experience and a real passion for the highest quality coffee can’t be replaced by taking any shortcuts to perfection.

Our people know the nuance of color, the smell of great terroir, that exact moment when the beans should drop from the roaster. They can see, taste, and smell the difference between what will be a good cup or a truly great cup of coffee.

It is an honor for us to serve to you what we believe to be the best tasting cup of coffee you will ever drink.