THREE REGIONS: Our Three Regions Open Brew Tea blend has the familiar taste of our Classic Black tea blend with an added layer of flavor and aroma from Malawi Black tea. Enjoyed for over 50 years by the South’s most discerning tea connoisseurs.

Cupping Notes: This unique blend of teas from three distinct growing regions has a pleasant floral bouquet, soft wine tannins, and a bright round flavor. The distinct flavor of the Malawi Black aides in a smooth, astringent-free finish.

Countries of Origin: Argentina, Malawi, Vietnam. Our sourcing team hand selects only the freshest, high-grown tea leaves from plantations known for their high levels of rainfall and relatively low humidity. In the subtropical regions of Argentina, Malawi, & Vietnam, this perfect mix of moisture coupled with abundant

sunshine produces teas with clean, smooth flavor.

24 bags per case. Each bag yields 3 gallons.