The Ultimate Coffee Grinder Guide For A Great Cup Of Coffee

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September 10, 2019
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When it comes to your morning wake-up call, few things are better than a freshly brewed pot of coffee. After all, approximately 65% of all coffee is consumed during breakfast hours. However, pre-ground coffee can often be surprisingly underwhelming; it’s often gone stale and doesn’t carry the same full flavor as freshly roasted, just-ground coffee beans. If you’re already paying for the best coffee brands, you’ll want top-notch coffee equipment to go with it. So how do you find the best possible coffee grinder? Here are a few qualities to be on the lookout for while you’re shopping.

Electric Or Hand Grinder?

When picking out a coffee grinder, the first question you’ll want to ask yourself is whether you’re looking for an electric or manual grinder. Both have their advantages and disadvantages – electric grinders are pricier but more convenient, and hand grinders take more time but are better for tight budgets. There are high-quality grinders within both categories, so this decision is ultimately up to you. Just be careful of electric grinders that claim to be high-end at a low price. Usually, these are hiding something that makes them as cheap as they are.

Aim For Even Pieces

Having even coffee grounds might not seem like it will make a huge difference for your cup of coffee, but it has a larger impact than you would suspect. Equally-sized coffee grounds mean you’ll get the most amount of extraction from the grounds as possible, creating a deeper flavor. Many cheaper coffee grinders will give you unevenly sized coffee grounds, and while this will get the job done, you won’t get a cup of coffee that tastes as good.

Beware False Burrs

Some of the best grinders out there on the market are burr-style grinders, making them a popular choice. Be careful, though – many more affordable coffee grinders claim to be burr grinders, but instead have blunt, flat teeth that bludgeon the coffee grounds rather than sharp blades. This results in uneven grounds, which, as previously mentioned, create a poorer-quality cup of coffee.

Finding the right coffee equipment for your best cup of coffee possible can be a challenge, but knowing what makes the best coffee grinder out there can help. For more information on coffee grinders or to stock up on high-quality coffee beans, contact Hill and Brooks today.

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